Toddler Talk & Logic

I thought I’d start documenting some of the awesome things Lucy’s toddler brain is coming up with. I can’t wait to show her these when she’s older!

Making pancakes this morning (Lucy in her apron, mixing the batter):
Me: Hold on, Lucy! We forgot the flaxseed meal!
Lu: Mommy, I LOVE flaxseed meal!

Driving in the car the other day, it takes me a few minutes to figure out what Lu is saying. From the back seat, over and over, she is repeating “mommy’s crazy! mommy’s crazy!” Oh honey, if you only knew the half of it. šŸ˜‰

Driving through the car wash (Lucy’s first time), Lucy repeats, “I’m tough. I’m safe. I’m tough. I’m safe.” Sweet little anxious girl (I understand completely, little one). šŸ™‚

Me: Lucy, you need to share.
Lu: I am sharing, mommy. I’m sharing with myself!

Me: I love you to the moon and back.
Lu: I love you to a different moon and back

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