Archive | November 2016

Lucy is 5!

Wow!!! LUCY! Today, you are FIVE. That’s huge. That’s no longer a toddler. That’s a WHOLE HAND. I’m in shock but also I feel like you’re ready. You’re ready to enter this new world of kid-dom. When I look at you, I see your face becoming less baby-ish and your limbs stretching out. I see you thinking more before you speak or act, weighing how to say something, weighing how it might make someone feel. And overall, the thing that stands out to me the most about you is your huge, kind heart. I see you saving the last few pieces of your favorite cereal for your baby bro, asking me if the music is too loud since it might hurt my head, asking if what you’re thinking is something you should keep to yourself because it might hurt someone’s feelings. When I had your parent teacher conference last week, your teachers told me that one of the coolest things about you was that you were friends with everyone in your class. I was so proud hearing that! Be an includer, my girl. And along with that kindness that you hold in your heart and let shine out of your sweet spirit, you are also FIERCE. You have a fire in your soul that I know will drive you to fight for the things you want and, hopefully, the things you and your fellow humans need. You are tiny, my little one, but you are also a force. I love your tenacity (even if it means that we clash sometimes!), and I love your curiosity. You love sharks, princesses, ponies, bugs, superheroes, flowers, arts & crafts, dogs, and babies. You want to soak it all in and discuss it all at the same time. My vision in my head of you at this lovely  age, is you,blond morning hair unbrushed, wearing a princess dress and several bows with pajama pants, pouring over a picture you’re drawing of all the wildlife you saw on our most recent walk. There’s probably a princess on the page somewhere, along with a turtle, a butterfly, a deer, and maybe your little brother. Your focus on these things always impresses and inspires me. My Lucy girl, you can be anything you dream of being. Go get it, my fierce but kind girl. I’m so incredibly proud to be your mama. All. My. Love.