Ch- ch- changes 

Wow. It’s fall, y’all! Somehow it’s late September and I haven’t posted anything since the beach back in June. It was quite a summer with some pretty major changes. The big news is that, after 10 years working for Metro Schools as a teacher and then their lead behavior analyst, I resigned. Yep. After Will had a very rough first year in daycare, ear tubes, one illness after another, and became underweight and anemic, Whit and I made some big decisions. For the health and well-being of the whole family, I quit. I’m now officially a stay-at-home mama and I’m LOVING it. In one sense, after working a full time, intense job and managing the kids and household mostly by myself, some of this still feels like I’m on vacation. But really, I feel like I’m in a dream. I loved my job, but I love spending unstructured, unrushed time with my babies even more. I’ve started my own consulting biz that I’ll be doing very part time, but that still leaves plenty of time for me and Will to hang while sister is at school, and pick up Lucy without having to do before and after-care and all that jazz. As Will and I went for a nature walk at the park this morning, examining leaves and casually meandering around the greenway, I remembered a moment I had last year when I was working. I had seen a mom at the park with her little boy, about Will’s age, and I sat watching them in my car, crying. I felt like I was missing so much time with him. The thought of taking him to the park when I wanted to seemed so unattainable. Today, that simple moment felt like a dream. I’m so thankful. 

And speaking of young William, he’s almost 18 months old! WHAT?! How did this happen? No, really. I mean, I barely remember last year due to extreme sleep deprivation, so I basically feel like a black hole swept us up and we are now on the other side of it with TWO toddlers. He’s really a peach, though. A delicious, sweet peach. Let’s see, he is saying a good amount of words (faves include ball, hug, dog, airplane, choo choo), and his favorite thing is looking at books with pics of animals. He can’t get enough. He’ll grab a book, make this sound meaning he wants something (you’ll hear it in the video below), and then, if you sit on the floor, he’ll walk backwards and plop his tiny heiny right down in your lap. Read it! Again and again and again! How can you say no to that (news flash: you can’t, unless your heart is made of granite)? He also loves to find you if you hide behind a door or run to another room. His squeal of laughter is basically what I live for. He’s asking all the time for “yeah yiiiiiiiide!” (Outside), where he loves to do bubbles and chalk and look at rocks and basically be a wild little boy. And finally, the snuggles are the best. At night, I’ll ask him if he’s ready for his night night song, and he nods his head and snuggles in, head on shoulder, tiny finger twirling my wedding ring around my finger. Eeeeeep! I’m biased, but that boy is cute!   

And Lucy is almost FIVE! She’s rocking prek and really loving it! Current interests include drawing, art, crafts, books, puzzles of all kinds, and hanging with friends. She’s such a kid. She got a lot taller this summer and went up 2 shoe sizes all at once! She’s losing her baby look, which is quite bittersweet. We had a lovely month of July when I wasn’t working and she wasn’t in school. We lived. it. up. The zoo, the farmers market, the splash pad. We did it all! Having that month was priceless. She and I also took a weekend trip to New York to see daddy play Good Morning America. She was a total rock star that whole weekend, and we had so much fun! 

Leaving the baby stage behind is sad in a way, but the kid stage is proving to be fun, flexible, curious, and exciting! I can’t wait to travel more with my sweet, spirited girl. 

This fall we are looking forward to pumpkins, Halloween fun, and Thanksgiving in Virginia. Happy fall!! 


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