We are MOBILE! And using a spoon. #NBD

Yep. Young William is off to the races. Despite battling strep this weekend, he is officially fully mobile. No more hand-slapping, forearm-bruising crawling for this little man. No sir! He is on two feet. And he has places. to. go. You best just move on out of his way. Favorite destinations include the toilet, the bathroom door (so he can open and shut it and play peekaboo with you), and the kitchen cabinets (particularly the one with all the dangerous cleaning products in it). I’m totally winning mom of the year.

Also, Will has a love for silverware. As in, he’s not really interested in dinner unless he has a fork. Here’s a video of his stainless steel skillz (with a great cameo from big sis)… 

So yeah. He’s growing up at a rapid pace! Such big boy skills! 


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