Ear tubes!

Young William finally got tubes in his ears today. We started super early, getting to the hospital around 5:15 AM. By 7:05 they had him back in surgery, and they were done by 7:30. He was a champ the whole time, despite some very sad, hangry moments prior to surgery. Thank goodness they let us come so early – making a baby fast is the WORST. Poor Will wanted to nurse so much from the moment I scooped him out of his bed and whisked him off to the hospital, but he wasn’t allowed to until after his surgery! Here are some pics documenting our day: 


Arriving at the hospital, not quite sure what’s going on!


Hangry baby boy! Poor little people don’t understand why they can’t eat when they want to!


Distracting the hungry bear! God bless the child life specialist who brought us bubbles!


pre-surgery snugs



Groggy post-op snugs! What a trooper!

Although he was a little groggy and cranky, he had a great day after the surgery! Fingers crossed he sleeps well tonight! The surgeon said that he had a lot of fluid in those tiny ears. I’m very thankful we got this done, and that Whit could be home with us! 



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