Will is one! 

 My dearest William, 

You turned the big 0-1 today, buddy! I can’t believe it! I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that you entered this world, a little shell-shocked, not sure of your place and what the heck happened. You were clearly super cozy in my tummy, since you were 3 days late. You continue to be the BEST snuggler out in the world, too. When I pick you up from daycare, first you cry a little as soon as you see me (let it out, buddy – I know it’s been a long day), and then you settle in. Head on shoulder, tiny arms around my shoulders, pressing your whole body into mine so no one can take you or come between us. Even when I’m 80, I’m going to remember that feeling. It’s ingrained in a mama – the feel and weight of her sweet boy. 

You are really a pretty cool little guy. Except when teething and fighting those darn ear infections that can’t seem to leave you alone (you’re getting tubes next week!), you are just a happy guy. Not much gets you down, and it is pretty easy to make you laugh. You love to be tickled, especially your toes and your neck. And when Lucy and I sing “Slippery Fish” and “Wheels on the Bus” to you, you move your hands to imitate our motions, laughing and squealing for more. And you’re just about to walk all by yourself. Well, you can. I’ve seen it. But you still prefer to hold a hand, or two. You can go so much faster that way. I don’t blame you one bit. You’re welcome to hold my hand as long as you want, sweet boy. And you do…you hold it the whole time I’m nursing you, every single time. It’s like our thing. 

You are also a huge fan of anything hanging from the ceiling – fans, decorations, lights. Oh! And latches, door knobs, and handles. Anything you can manipulate – that’s your jam. You are fascinated by it all, and want someone to hold you up so you can touch it. Mental note: I need to get this boy some chimes! 

We will celebrate you tomorrow with our friends and you will get to have your first cake! At this point your sister is more excited about it than you are, but I have a feeling you’ll come around once you taste it. I love you so much, my little man. So much that my heart aches. You are so perfectly mine. I can’t wait to watch you grow. 

All my love, 

Your mama 


One thought on “Will is one! 

  1. Happy First Birthday, our sweet grandson, Will!! Oma and Opa love you so very much!!💗🎂💞👑🐶🙉🍧🎂🍭🌈🎁♥️♥️♥️!!

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