ACMs in Vegas! 

What. A. Weekend. If I may, I’m going to diverge from our typical kid-centric posts to document Old Dominion’s ACM award-winning weekend! Don’t worry – I’ll still throw in some kid pics along the way!
This year, OD was nominated for TWO ACMs- New Group of the Year and Group of the Year! The first one was exciting enough, the second one totally unexpected and humbling. And even more amazingly, they won for New Group of the Year! I can’t even believe it! It’s a huge honor and such validation for how hard they have been working these years. Being able to be there with them to accept it was a big honor for us OD ladies, too! And per usual, I took a LOT of pics. See below! 

First off, babies. Who watched the babies while mom and dad were off glamming it up? BAILEY. Bailey! You’re amazing. The best friend, babysitter, nurse, bedtime story reader, superhero supporter, and baby snuggler. ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t do life without you. Seriously! So much love and thanks to you, my sweet friend.  

^^Does Will look concerned that mama is gone? No, he doesn’t. Because Bailey. ❤️ 

On Saturday night, we had a great dinner with the whole crew. What makes these trips more fun than seeing the guys play, honestly, is getting to spend time with everyone. OD ladies, you are the bomb. And the guys are ok, too. 🙂 

Sunday was the big day! We started with hair and makeup at 9:30 AM. We had a team of amazing hair and makeup artists from Leigh, Edwards, and Co in Nashville who set up shop in their suite in Vegas to help us ladies put the glam in glamour. Here are some pics of us getting ready! 


 Those ladies seriously knew what they were doing. I’ve never had someone spend so much time helping me obtain the perfect “cat eye” and “pink pop lip.” Gorgeous! And fun! 

It was soon time to get in our dresses. Here we were prior to going to the carpet. Sha-zam! I’m in love with Whit’s shoes, by the way, and with my Caitie Sellers bangles!

Meanwhile, I was getting some pretty adorable kid pics. They had an awesomely fun day waiting for the red carpet to start by having their very own red carpet party! 

Young William didn’t make it for the actual festivities, as he is an early-to-bed sleepyhead, but Lucy was watching the live stream with Bailey to try to see us! Here are our pics:

It was quick and a little overwhelming, but we did it! No one fell, tripped, or had a wardrobe malfunction. Success! Then we ladies could really relax and enjoy the show, which included a performance by OD! Yes, they won an ACM and got to perform! **proud wife moment** 

 Looking good, Whit! 😍😍

Here are some additional pics of the after parties! We had so much fun, especially because I love hanging with these people! Flying home today, we all agreed it would be such a lonely gig if you were doing this without friends. And I have to give kudos to Whit. Amidst the award show craziness and chaos, they had to play four times yesterday at four separate locations. They really do put in the work! I don’t know how you do it, babe! Here’s to more good times ahead with so much love and thankfulness. 

And I’ll leave you with this: Lucy, seeing her daddy perform on TV… ❤️



2 thoughts on “ACMs in Vegas! 

  1. What a great write-up….and thanks so much for sharing it. You so deserve this fun time and we are all so grateful that you are willing and able to keep the home fires burning while the boys do their thing.

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