Easter 2016

Click the link below to watch the video of the egg hunt! 

Around 7:00 PM last night, I remembered that tomorrow (today) was Easter. Oops! I ran to Target and put together 2 baskets, and made up some clues for the egg hunt. Following in my family’s tradition, we hide the basket somewhere and the kids go on a treasure hunt with clues to find it. It makes me SO excited every year to make the hunt! Lucy woke up this morning to one egg, filled with fruit snacks and a clue, laying on top of the clothes she had set out the night before. When we heard her quick little feet running up the steps, we knew she was EXCITED! And so the treasure hunt began. Next to each egg with a clue and fruit snacks was another egg for Will, filled with goldfish. He was super excited, too! The trail led them to find their baskets in the bath tub. Sweet times!

 I didn’t get many pics from today, but I did snap a shot of Lucy’s sweet Easter outfit, put together by her of course. No Easter dress for this flashdance-inspired fashionista! That would be so cliche.😂  

 It was a rainy day, so we tried to get out for a walk but the rain made us turn around. We still had a great day, though! We are soaking in every minute of Whit being home with us! 



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