We’ve been sun and sanding it up this week at St. George Island with Whit’s parents (Bebe and Pap) and sis Meg (we miss you, Caitie!). I’ve also taken approximately one million photos, so I’ll try to condense this post to the best ones. 

First off, getting here. Flying for one hour is preferable to eight hours in the car, but it does require more planning. I went with one small suitcase for myself and for each kid, a travel book bag for Lu, and a backpack for me. I also prefer to gate check carseats so there is less a chance of them getting banged up, so that means towing 2 kids and 2 seats through the airport. Thankfully, my amazing friend Bailey helped me with all the prep and Meg and I traveled together so we could get everyone to the plane safely. And this was Will’s maiden voyage on a plane. He did great – total pro!  

And then, like knights in shining armor, Pap and Bebe were waiting for us on the other side, bringing toys, books, tons of food, a stroller, and a ride to the beach! Off we went! 

Our beach house is a lucky find – we had never been to SGI and it has not disappointed. Quiet, peaceful, and largely undisturbed by commercial crap, it’s a great family vacay spot. I think everyone’s favorite thing is, of course, going to the beach. Lucy has been building sand castles, flying kites, and playing in the waves. Will has loved exploring the sand (both in his hands and in his mouth) and putting his toes in the water! At his age, my Lucy girl was totally terrified of the ocean, and Will has the opposite reaction. He would prefer to just crawl in there on his own, thank you. No life jacket or hand holding for him! 😳 Lord help us with this wild little boy!  

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to go home. The best memories I’m taking from this are as follows: 

– Watching Lucy and Will see the ocean for the first time – in 2 years for Lu and ever for Will. 

– Walking the beach with my sleeping babe in his pouch, listening to the waves and then viewing his sweet sleepy face, then looking up the beach and seeing my sweet girl immersed in a sand castle build, and just feeling so very thankful. I love those little people so much my heart hurts thinking about it. 

– Eating dinner on the deck with Bebe, Pap, Aunt Meg, Whit, and the babies, with conversational talk ranging from political commentary to playing “Quiet Mouse.” 

– Getting a chance to walk the beach with Whit and reflect on this crazy last year, knowing that we came out of it strong in our marriage and mutually proud of each other. 

– Watching the kids play with their aunt and grandparents, knowing how lucky we all are to have each other. 

– Seeing the most beautiful sunset. Ever. And getting to watch Lucy watch it, too! 



As Lucy’s beloved book says, “Goodnight, beach.” See you again soon. It was a wonderful trip! 



One thought on “Beachin’ 

  1. I absolutely LOVED your pictures!! They, and your heartfelt message ~~ Brought tears to my eyes💞 Love to you and your Sweethearts!! 👓💿🚤🌈🌠🌅🐠🐚🐚🌟

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