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Lucy is 4!

My dearest girl, 

Today, you turned 4! Four! F-O-U-R. And we lived it up, didn’t we? I hope you remember how I surprised you at school and we had a peanut butter and jelly picnic, followed by popsicles from Las Paletas. I will definitely remember your face when you saw me walking towards you on the playground, then your excited words when you told all your friends that you had a lunch date with your mama. And sitting there with you, snuggled up on a park bench, eating our PB&J, the world could’ve stopped turning and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was soaking in my sweet girl. Sitting there, you looked up at me and said, “isn’t it such a beautiful day today, mama?” I laughed because you sounded so grown up, but I completely agreed. I was just thinking how I couldn’t believe I got to be your mom. 

This year, I’ve seen you grow and change so much. You are spunky, sassy, and adorably sweet and caring. And you are also now a big sister. You have a new role in our family that you have embraced whole-heartedly. You love your little brother so much it makes my heart ache seeing the two of you together. I watched you recently throw yourself in front of the dog bed because Will was getting close to it and you were genuinely concerned for his safety (and I do thank you for preventing him from eating more dog hair). You sing to him while he’s crying in his car seat and only you can make him absolutely crack up. I’m so proud of you, my tiny big girl! 

And beyond being a big sis, you are your own creative, exuberant, sensitive, confident little woman. You pick out your school clothes every night for the next day with such precision and care. You lay them out on your floor exactly how they will be worn, including accessories. I truly look forward to seeing what colorful, funky, mismatched outfits you will put together every day. And I relish in your excitement for life. You went wild for your new toothpaste the other night because it had sparkles in it. You tell me I’m the best mom ever when I make scrambled eggs for dinner. I want to bottle up your friendly, effervescent, grateful spirit. 

Your daddy and I talk about all the creative, hilarious things you say every night, and I still can’t believe you’re mine. As you said the other day, “I could snuggle you for a million hours!” I love you so so much my beautiful girl. You are the sweet baby who made me a mama, which is my most treasured life’s work. Sleep tight in your bed my girl, and may you have sweet birthday dreams. 

All my love, 



Will’s laugh

This must be documented. Will may be the happiest little guy in the world (according to my completely unbiased opinion). Here he is to demonstrate. Cold hearts, prepare to be thawed. Click here: 

Baby Laughs

Halloween 2015!

Will’s first Halloween, and Lucy’s third, was a ball! First, the costumes. Lu was Dorothy and brother was the lion. Whit and I had big dreams of going as the tin man and Glinda, but with a rainy Halloween night and failed trick-or-treating, our costumes never actually came to fruition. Oh well. The kids still had fun! Last week we celebrated at Boo at the Zoo, then this week we beat the rain by trick-or-treating earlier in the day at the Belle Meade Plantation and meeting friends for an early dinner. Will rocked his lion costume (complete with hat knitted by Bebe!), and Lucy (in my unbiased opinion) was the most adorbs little blonde Dorothy ever. And MAJOR bonus. Whit was actually home for Halloween! Here are pics!