Chattanooga weekend! 

Oh boy. I’m horrible about writing now. Two kids = even less time for blogging. So I, per usual, have a lot of catching up to do. For starters, Will is now SIX MONTHS old. As Lucy says, “What?!” Seriously. Where did the last 6 months go? I’ve been in a glorious sleep-deprived black hole full of baby snuggles and toddler hilarity. One of these days, I’ll add some posts with a few of the millions of pictures I’ve taken! Until then, here’s what we did this weekend! 

Whit was home this weekend! He’s actually been home for the longest stretch (10 days) since Will was born. It’s been so so nice. Not only do I REALLY appreciate having daddy home to co-parent, but it’s been really nice to settle back into life as a family of four for a bit. We’ve been trying to make every moment count, so we took a little trip to Chattanooga this weekend. And we had a ball! Here are a few pics to outline our jaunt: 

Arrival. Baby gear used: Ergo (not pictured, for when baby gets tired) and Joovy Sit and Stand. Toddler stands or sits in the back, baby rides in front, 1,000 lbs of gear needed for a 2-hour trip to the aquarium stowed underneath. 

First stop: the Tennessee Aquarium. This place is super cool. We gave Lucy the option of going to the museum or the aquarium. In typical Lu fashion, her response, after some pondering: “Well, I really enjoy looking at fish. So I choose the aquarium.” I like a girl who knows what she wants! 


A blurry shot of us checking out a shark tank. 

The SHARK. Lucy could’ve stayed here watching this guy all day. 

 The jellyfish! Will’s mind: blown. These guys really captured his attention! 

My girl was captivated. 

 This was in the butterfly sanctuary. Will thought those butterflies freely floating around him were pretty hilarious. 

Next stop (after some additional exploration of the city): the hotel. To me, this would not be a noteworthy stop. To a 3-year-old, this might as well have been the whole trip. Why is staying in a hotel so exciting at that age? It’s inexplainable, and great. We got pizza and the kids played on the big hotel bed. Prepare yourself for adorable toddler/baby cuteness. If these pictures don’t make you smile then I fear your heart may be beyond help. Kidding. But really. 

These pics are the ones I’m going to get out one day to remind Lucy and Will how well they got along and how much they loved each other’s company. I’m so proud of my girl – she LOVES her little bro. She’s careful with him, and she’s terrified he’s going to get into something he shouldn’t. At one point during this sweet time, he got a little too close to the edge of the bed and as I began to reach for him, Lucy threw herself in front of him to keep him from rolling off. Go, big sis! 

After an interesting (read: wakeful) night where we thought the kids sharing a hotel room was a good idea (it wasn’t), we went to one of my favorite restaurants of all time: Tupelo Honey! The original is in Asheville and holds sentimental value for me and Whit, not to mention their amazing food. And now there’s one in Chatt, too! We ate splendidly, including Will. He sampled sweet potato pancakes, biscuits, and cheese grits. Yum! 

After that, we went to Rock City! This place, built in the 30s, is a quaint attraction where people can walk through some amazing rock formations, some man-made, some natural, and see a lot of vintage-y charm along the way. Naturalists would probably find this place somewhat of an abomination, but a 3-year-old finds it AMAZING. Trails twist through incredible caves and various rocky structures, with the addition of Christmas lights and fake gnomes and fairies strategically placed along the way. Here are some pics.    

Do I have to even explain that Lu is fully dressing herself these days? She is on point with those accessories, right? Go, girl!

 Checking out a fairy house…

The trip wouldn’t be complete without Lu getting to dance with an elf to an Oompah band. 

 See Rock City!

Each kid received a treasure map with stations to visit along the path. One was a visit to the troll king. Lu cautiously smiled for a pic, but only if her daddy would stand with her. 

 Lovers Leap! This view was amazing, and on a cloudless day. And baby Will even had his eyes open! 

Will did not, however, see much else. 


Entering fairyland, and getting to meet the fall fairy. Lucy: speechless. 

 We had a great time. And it was just a short two-hour drive home! Sweet, sweet times. 


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