Snoooooow day!!

We’ve been in the midst of Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse/Ice Storm 2015 since Feb 16. With that, I haven’t been to work since Feb 13th (it’s the 24th)! There’s only so much nesting I can do before going a little stir crazy. This mama is ready to get back to work! My fingers are crossed that schools will be open tomorrow! Really, it’s been nice to have some down time, though, and some special time with my girl! Here are some pics recapping our snow day(s) fun!

Ice cream and movies, and making crafts for baby Sam!



Inspecting the frozen world (we totally blamed Elsa)…





Sledding (kind of)!


Enjoying lots of doggie snuggles…




Lulu even got in some time on the treadmill (to be fair, she asked to do this and she LOVED it)!


As I get ready to go back to work tomorrow after 7 snow days in a row, I’m thankful for a job that I love going back to, and so very thankful for all the extra minutes I got with my girl these past 10 days. What a great time to cherish before little Sam shows up! I love you my sweet, sassy, spunky Lulu!


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