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Conversations with a 37-month-old

This one may just be one of my favorite video memories yet, although I am a smidge biased. But seriously, 3-year-olds are so fun! And crazy. And a little like watching a sweet little kitten morph into a terrifying mountain lion all in like, 5 seconds. But seriously. Lucy is fun! And I digress. She is way into pretend play these days – particularly anything surrounding running from a wicked witch, playing “Frozen” (the movie, for those of you who are not surrounded by this every. single. minute), and hunting dinosaurs. These conversations happen so often throughout our day that I wanted to at least capture one for the sweet memory. She is ALL IN with these dinosaur hunts. May we all be full of such creativity, and look soooo good in giant sunglasses! Oh, and my favorite part? When she is going to “be brave” and go “check them out,” but she first needs help getting down from the big chair she’s sitting on.