Baby number 2 – 22 weeks and counting!

SELLERSJESSICA20141201081724748dfd SELLERSJESSICA20141201082345462 SELLERSJESSICA20141201082506867 SELLERSJESSICA20141201082523629It’s funny when you’re pregnant with your second. By this time in my pregnancy with Lucy, we had practically chronicled every day (ok, week) of my expanding belly, and documented all the cravings, pregnancy symptoms, and accompanying emotions. While I am no less in love with this sweet one, sorry buddy. Your sister takes up most of my time these days! I hope you can understand. As the youngest in my own family, I can commiserate. That said, we did get to see our little man again today for a follow-up ultrasound. At the 18-week scan, there was concern that the placenta was dangerously close to the cervix (1 cm from it – yikes!) and they wanted to do a re-check to see if it had moved up. If it is too close/covering it, it is called placenta previa, a less-than-fun condition that means a definite c-section and possible other complications. Since then, I’ve been going to acupuncture weekly specifically to move that baby on up. And, whether it was acu or just nature taking its course, or a combo of the two, the placenta today was “nowhere near” the cervix. YAY!!! Thankfully, we are now in the clear with that! They also couldn’t see little man’s heart clearly last time, but today they said it looked “beautiful.” I couldn’t agree more!

Overall, I’ve been feeling very similar to the way I felt when I was pregnant with Lucy. I really have no complaints, and have not had the debilitating sciatic nerve pain I did with her! As with Lulu, my migraines disappeared in the second trimester and I’m enjoying the energy brought on by this phase! Cravings have been similar, too – cottage cheese and scrambled eggs, of course (separately)! I seriously can’t. get. enough. Oh! And the biggest difference? And my first clue that it was a boy? I started eating chicken and fish. Woah! It’s been like 19 years. I’m not even kidding. It’s not every night, but it’s probably once a week, and when Whit cooks it. I don’t really like it, but it feels like I need that protein. Eat up, baby boy!

Today was a very special day because it gave us a chance as a family to really enjoy the moment, just the three (or, four!) of us – not worry about the placenta, see that sweet boy’s heart and hear that it and everything else looked good, and just be mystified by this tiny being inside of my belly. The weight of that miracle is not lost on us. We are feeling incredibly thankful tonight for the little girl we have and the little boy that will come. And with that, Lucy is taking her job very seriously these days! The midwife very patiently let her find the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler, and Dr. Lucy was ALL business. “Lay down, mama. Now lift up your shirt so I can get a gooooood listen.” The midwife asked her, “Do you want to be a midwife when you grow up?” And Lu replied, “No no! I’m going to be a big sister!” No time for play these days, folks. Lucy is too busy sister-ing! I will definitely cherish this memory.



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