Happy third birthday, Lucy!

My dear girl,

You’re three! THREE! Or, as you say, “free!” You’re still working on that “th-” sound. You are exhilarating, curious, questioning, assertive, and really good at sharing your food. You love all things princess, ballerina, sparkly, and twirly. If it doesn’t twirl, it will NOT be worn. And the concepts you’re coming up with every day amaze me. You ask questions all the time (“How do monsters close their eyes?” “Do horses have bangs?” “What happens if we see a bear in the woods?” “What do coyotes eat?” “Where do fish sleep?”). The never-ending questions amuse and amaze me, my inquisitive girl. And you are the BEST snuggler. You regularly request “snuggle breaks” when you’re playing, just to get a little check-in with me, then head back to your pretend world of tea parties and play-do. And I have to mention, you have always known what you want, and that has never been more apparent than now, at three. My sweet, feisty girl! You, being the Scorpio that you are, have a flair for the dramatic and you FEEL your emotions! Your daddy and I joke that you are a “little Napoleon” – attempting to rule your world in a 29-lb, 3-feet-tall frame. Tiny person, big personality! And speaking of that big personality, let’s not forget your love of singing and dancing. You’re rocking that ballet class! Yesterday, when you normally just want to twirl by yourself, you indulged me and let me rock and sway with you around the kitchen. You didn’t notice my teary eyes as we moved to the music. And I don’t know how you do it, but you’ve memorized a plethora of 80s and 90s country songs (you can thank your mama for that later)! One of my favorite things to do with you is sing with you when we are doing our nighttime routine. It always starts with me asking, “What should we sing?” And you responding with, “Ummm, I want a new song.” You’re testing your mama’s lyrical knowledge, my girl! Our current favorites include “Little Things” by Patsy Cline, “Moon Over Georgia” by Shenandoah, and “She’s in Love With the Boy” by Trisha Yearwood. You sing with all the passion and fervor that a 3-year-old could produce, and my heart aches when I hear you singing your little heart out. And lastly, you’re going to be a big sister! You are excited about taking on this new role and ask me all sorts of questions about what your little brother will be like, how we will care for him, and what kinds of things big sisters do. You lay with me at night and snuggle my belly. I can’t wait for you to meet him, and for him to meet you! I have to end this letter, as I hear you calling for me from your big girl bed. Time to get up and get ready for your birthday tea party! Thank you for being you, my precious girl. I couldn’t have dreamed I would have a more beautiful, incredible daughter. And as you know (and still ask me), you are and will always be my baby.

Love, mom




One thought on “Happy third birthday, Lucy!

  1. Our Dear, Sweet Lucy~~ Happy 3rd. Big Girl Birthday!!! OMA and OPA love you so much!! We can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with you, Lucy~~ The most beautiful, Lyrical , Multitalented , young lady in the world~~ We are so very thankful for the privilege of having you in our lives..:-)

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