Lulu’s oatmeal creations

We are in a phase where, every morning, the first thing Lucy asks when she wakes up is, “Should we go make oatmeal?” This is followed by, “Can Lucy be the chef?” So we carry a tall chair to the counter, put on her apron (that used to be Aunt Caitie’s!), and she gets to work. During the week (when I’m rushing to get to work) she is limited to 3 toppings, but during the weekend I allow her imagination to run a little wild. This morning’s creation was especially intricate, including:
– oatmeal (a nice base)
– yogurt
– cinnamon
– brown sugar
– honey
– blueberries
– chia seeds
– 2 kinds of cereal (Puffins and GoLean, which Lulu lovingly and with conviction calls “Jolene GoLean,” as a tribute to one of her favorite songs by Dolly Parton) šŸ˜‰

Other toppings that were requested, but were unavailable, included milk (we clearly need to go grocery shopping), waffles, and pancakes. These are some sweet times, literally and figuratively!



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