Big girl bed!

We transformed Lucy’s room to a big girl room yesterday, and we all survived the first night! Lucy did great. I read about a bed rail trick on the Internet of wrapping a towel around a pool noodle and putting it under the fitted sheet. We put pillows on the floor, too, just in case. Aaaaaand Lucy stayed in bed! All night!


We changed her room while she was at school yesterday, then got a video of her seeing her big girl room for the first time. Here is the footage!

Perhaps the biggest development that has come out of this is that Lucy has decided, all on her own, that the big girl bed means she is done using a pacifier. The first night, when I put her down and gave her her trusty Wubbanub (paci), she looked at me like I had 2 heads. “Mom, I’m a big girl now. I don’t use a paci anymore!” I had to, per her request, put it all the way down at the foot of the bed and cover it with a blanket. She has been sticking to it since! We put them all up in the closet this morning. Go, girl!!


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