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Beachin’ 2014: last day!

We just got back from boogie boarding and wave jumping, and I’m sitting on the deck enjoying the breeze while Lucy naps. I am trying to soak in every ounce of sunny relaxation before we head home tomorrow! Here are a few pics from the last couple of days, which included:

A beautiful kayak tour through the “maritime forest,” which reportedly is what holds the Outer Banks together. Without those woods chocked full of wildlife and man-made canals of brackish water, the Outer Banks would have nothing stabilizing it. We didn’t get any pics on the trip, as we left anything not waterproof in the car. But it was gorgeous!


Sunset Bar, where everybody got special drinks, including Lu (lemonade)!



A concert in the park, where Lucy danced until she literally dropped (into my lap), and soon after was in bed asleep!



More kite-flying and wave jumping!








And today I think may have been our best beach day yet. The breeze was out, the sky was blue, and the surf was up! Lucy even tried “surfing.”





We will miss the beach, but are thankful for this week of fun memories and family time! And I was going through old pics and realized just how far Lucy has come! Here’s a comparison: beach trip 2012 (terrified of the ocean) vs. beach trip 2014 (in love with the ocean). Maybe it’s time to toss that cherry swimsuit? Can you tell it’s her favorite? >



Beachin’ 2014

WE ARE AT THE BEACH! Ahhhh, Outer Banks, NC, you never disappoint! We arrived on Sunday and have taken in as much sun and sand as we possibly can!


This is Lucy’s third beach vacay (the other 2 happened at 8 mos and 20 months) and she has come a long way in her feelings toward the ocean! The first summer meant pure terror – crying, clinging, and screaming when we got within 5 feet of the tide coming in. The second summer was tempered by her love of playing in the sand, but she still squirmed in my arms if I tried to help her put her feet in the water. This summer, she wants to be IN that water! She loves playing in the waves and “jumping” them, particularly with Grammie and Papa!



The sand castles have been a huge hit, too. It’s so fun to watch a toddler’s unfettered excitement and pure joy! It makes ME excited about building sand castles. That contagious excitement is one of my favorite things about having a kid! Lucy also discovered how fun it is to “bury” things in the sand, including herself!






Lucy also flew a kite for the first time, and she’s hooked! It was one of those evenings that you want to just bottle up and save for a rainy day. Pink and blue sky, cool breeze, and a sweet little girl giddy and squealing about a kite. Priceless.








Last but not least, while Lucy and her daddy were diligently working on a sand castle tonight (side note: the beach is the BEST in the evening – after dinner, when most everyone else is in for the day, and you can see the sunset and maybe some wildlife!), I tried my hand at fishing with my dad! Check out my catch! It was easily a half-pounder. šŸ˜‰





Here’s to more days with family, more sun, more sand, and more snuggles!




Fathers Day 2014

Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads, dads-in-law, and grandpas! We are so thankful to have so many father figures in our lives, and Whit and I both have amazing dads. My own dad taught me what to look for in a man who would be the father of my children, and showed me what a dedicated, doting, loving father looked and felt like. And Whit’s dad set the example for him of how to be an incredible father to Lucy. Thank you to all of you, including my step-dad Rod! It’s days like this that remind me of the love that surrounds us.

Whit missed celebrating with us yesterday because he was in Wisconsin and then North Dakota this weekend, but, thanks to modern technology (FaceTime), still managed to have a tea party with Lucy.


And then I interviewed Luc about her daddy. Here were the (hilarious!) results. I hope we can do this every year – it will be fun to see how her answers, um, evolve!