Archive | May 2014

Motor skills

We have a few things to work on, but they’re coming along! Regardless, watching this girl “practice” is pretty adorably entertaining.



Here are some videos of what Lucy’s been up to lately. She is talking up a blue streak, and we’ve had a week of firsts. Keep it up, Lucy. We love you sooooooo much!

First time swinging all by herself…

First tricycle ride on the greenway…

Brushing up on her dog training skills…

Batting practice…

We’re smitten, LuLu. You’re one cool chick!


Toddler fashion rules

As Lucy enters two-and-a-half (!!), she’s increasingly particular about what she wears. In case you ever need to dress her, here are some important rules to go by…


1. Stripes always go with…stripes.
2. Go with one color, like purple EVERYTHING.
3. The more bling, the better.
4. Skirts and dresses are rated by their ability to twirl and flair. The higher the rating, the better the garment.
5. Dress like a ballerina. Always.
6. If mommy suggests it, it’s a TERRIBLE idea.

You are quite the fashionista, Luc. Work it, sister!