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What could it be? What could it be?

Opening gifts with this girl never. gets. old. Thank you, auntie B and uncle Brock!!!


Best buddies

It’s new years day! As I was relaxing on the couch this evening, reflecting on the new year and everything we have to be thankful for, I overheard Lucy pretending to put her “best buddy Bear” (her term) to bed. She covered him up with a blanket and 2 kitchen towels, then went to her room and returned with a stack of books and BOTH her beloved ‘raffes. To clarify, sharing her ‘raffes is akin to something like me sharing my wedding ring. This is true love, folks! After he was all tucked in, she patted him and said, “There. Are you comfortable?” Pardon me, but my heart just melted all over the floor. 🙂 Happy new year. May your days be filled with simple pleasures and precious moments!