Holidays 2013: Virginia

On the road again! This time we are (sadly) leaving Virginia after a few sweet, short days with the Sellers fam. We arrived on Sat to some of Beth’s much-loved cooking and, of course, more Christmas presents! We got to open gifts with aunt Caitie via Google Chat. Love technology! Here are some pics – the “headband” Lucy has on was from Aunt Caitie’s present. That little girl sure loves to accessorize. Also, ending present opening with your grandparents burying you in wrapping paper? Awesome!






The next morning we were on the road again. We drove to Charlottesville o visit our good friends and their sweet new baby. Little Eli is just 8 weeks old and already captured Lucy’s heart (and ours!). He is so sweet, and he has the longest eyelashes! I wish we’d had more time – Charlottesville is such a cool town, and Mike and Shanna are such cool people! Miss you guys!




After leaving Charlottesville, Lucy caught a fortuitous nap between there and our next stop, Churchville, where Whit’s extended family lives. Whit’s grandmother (Mom Mom) graciously had us all over and seriously, y’all, she can put out a spread! It was so nice seeing everyone and catching up. And Lucy quickly learned that if she went up to different aunts and uncles and cousins and sweetly held her little arms up to be held, they would take her to get another cookie! Several cream puffs, crinkle cookies, and chocolate-dipped peanut butter crackers later, that girl was hooked on the Sellers fam! And if that didn’t seal the deal, she had lots more presents to open, too! Lucy has developed a pretty good present-opening routine. She loves to tear the paper and then, upon revealing the gift, lets out a gasp coupled with, “Oh my goodness!” Then she runs and hugs the person who gave her the gift and says, “Thank you!” I love that little girl and her gratitude. 🙂 Here are some shots:






The following day we stayed around town in Roanoke. Whit’s parents, very thoughtfully, got us an admission gift card to the Western Virginia Science Museum in downtown Roanoke, so we took Lucy and all three of us really enjoyed it! I always love watching the curiosity of a little one. Lucy does this funny thing where she tries to be brave around new things that scare her (like that giant animated T-Rex). She runs to it, then runs back to me and hides behind my leg, then runs back over, then back to me. Sweet Lucy, I’m happy to always be your home base!







While Lucy napped (a looooong time) yesterday afternoon, Whit and his parents went to check out the house they are having built. When we come back to VA, we will stay there! We got to drive by it on our way out of town this morning. You made a great choice, Beth and Harry! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Thank you for putting us up in your temporary apartment and making us feel right at home!




Three grandparents’ houses, countless visits with family and friends, lots of presents, two museums, one sweet new baby, and lots of miles make for one whirlwind, awesome holiday tour. Thank you, family for loving us so well. Until next time!




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