Christmas traditions

So this happened today…

It was Lucy’s first meeting with Santa (who was quite nice and patient, I might add). This went better than expected, as I knew there was no way she would sit there alone with him, and I wasn’t sure if she’d even let me hold her in close proximity! The whole thing was quite a scene – all of us parents waited in line, we practiced our smiles, we tried to be super excited about talking to Santa so our kids would be, too. We all talked about being brave and confident, and how friendly Santa was and how he was really wanting to know what everyone wanted for Christmas. And we ended up paying $20 (or more!) for a picture of me uncomfortably sitting (in Santa’s chair!), forcing my child to do something she is clearly uncomfortable doing. Why do we subject our children to this under the age of 5? No toddler in the place was happy – they were all terrified and crying and NOBODY wanted to talk to the man in the red suit. I felt a little bad for Santa man, actually. Lucy, I hope you can forgive me for this one and maybe in a few years you’ll be excited about sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him your secret wishes! To all the toddlers there today, thank you for humoring your parents and allowing us to try to introduce you to the magic of Christmas (and failing miserably). We owe you one. 🙂


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