Happy (belated) birthday, Lucy!

ImageDear Lucy,

Wow! You are two! Can you believe it? I can’t! Sometimes I look at you these days, running wildly through the house, your little feet (which are still so teeny!) clump-clump-clumping through the rooms, wild grin on your face, hair flying in every direction, and it just doesn’t seem real that we have a toddler! You are still, as you’ve always been, my very spirited girl. You know what you want and you know how to make it known! I love watching you work to put words together these days. You know in your brain what you want to say, and you try and try and try to get it out until it sounds right. Usually it’s just a simple observation (“Mommy took a shower!” or, “It’s sunny out today!”) and your mouth rolls slowly over the words until it’s perfect. It’s also with that same perseverance that you approach many other tasks. You want to do everything by your “self” these days, my independent girl! You will struggle with a sock for several minutes to work it off your foot, pushing away my attempts to help you. You want to get in and out of the bath tub by “self,” feed yourself, put your coat on, and walk into school all by yourself. It’s bittersweet for your mama, you know. Things that I used to relish doing for you I now have to give to you as your own tasks, to do in your own time and your own way. This is something I’m learning to do as your mama! And oooooh-eeeee are you one smart cookie, my girl! We are already having full conversations about the weather, your school day, your friends, and what you want for dinner. When I pick you up from school, I say, “What did you do at school today?” And you will respond with something like, “I played blocks with Jasper! I went in the tunnel with Claire! I shared with Ethan!” And other times when I ask you, true to your little personality, you respond with, “I don’t want to talk about it.” You really get me with that one, Lu! Sometimes I think you’re 2 going on 16! I’m not ready for all that yet! But with all this independence comes something even more cherished now that you are such a busy bee: you remain my sweet little snuggle bug. When you’re all done with your dinner and your bath and we put your PJs on, you and I settle into the chair in your room with a soft blanket and a whole bunch of books. It’s there that you still want to lay in my arms and rock with me while I read to you (or you “read” to me because you’ve memorized the book!), and for you, it’s never enough! You always want “one more book, mommy” and it’s so hard for me to say no and put you down in your crib to sleep. I could hold you forever, you know. Some nights, my favorite nights, we just sit there and rock together. I put my face in your yummy post-bath hair and breathe it in. It’s often in these moments that tears start falling down your mama’s cheeks because I just cannot believe the gift I’ve been given – my beautiful, clever, sweet, wild girl. I really hit the jackpot when I got to be your mama! I love you with my whole heart, and I’m so blessed to get to watch you grow up. Love, Mommy


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