Big Moose Day 5: Heading (partway) home

Today was our last day! Aunt Sara, Lucy, and I headed to Syracuse this evening where we are spending the night before a flight home tomorrow morning. We took one last hike today, to Windfall Pond. The pics never do it justice, but it was a beautiful autumn walk! It started with our noticing the 1 rule posted: “If you carry it in, carry it out.” Does that apply to children? 🙂


Here are some shots from the trail:








Lucy had such a good time on the hike that she cried when we got to the parking lot, exclaiming, “more walk! no car!” Nothing melts my heart more than that kid in her little pink fleece coat and yellow crocs, and her “walking stick” wanting to spend more time in the woods. I love this chick!


After our hike and before we said goodbye to Big Moose, Lucy and I took one last walk, just the two of us. We went down by the lake and listened to the water lapping calmly against the rocks. We listened to a loon somewhere far across the lake. So much changes around this place, but Big Moose stays the same magical place I remember. I hope it’s just as wondrous for Lucy. See you next year, Big Moose! You will always have a piece of my heart.



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