Big Moose Day 4: Last full day

Day 4 is coming to a close with a final gorgeous sunset. We head to Syracuse tomorrow afternoon to head to the airport, then fly out early Sunday morning.


Today was rainy so we didn’t get out and about as much, which gave me a chance to appreciate this beautiful house! My uncle Paul (my mom’s brother) designed it himself and made the whole thing out of a LOT of wood. I want this to be featured in some sort of modern architecture magazine. There is not a right angle in the entire place, and it’s all centered around a huge, gorgeous fireplace. It seems to kind of rise right out of the forest floor.







We did a little shopping in Old Forge today (check out Lucy’s new yellow Crocs, thanks to Oma and Opa)!


At one of the stores, we found a book of vintage postcards from the Big Moose area and there was a picture of the old cottage in it! There’s a big difference between then and now!


Mr Sun “was taking a shower” (Lucy’s logic) but did peek out a bit in the afternoon. We took a brief walk down to the lake so Lucy could look for loons (her new favorite hobby). She calls them, “loon, loon, where are you?” We didn’t see any today but we got some great shots of the lake.



Overall, it was a great day for relaxing by the fire and doing arts and crafts. Pipe cleaners and an almost 2-year-old are a perfect match. 🙂



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