Big Moose Day 3: Reliving the magic


Before traveling here for the first time in 18 years, I was wondering if I had created in my head how magical and enchanting this place is. I thought maybe my memories had become more like dreams that took on an unrealistic quality. Now coming back, and bringing my own child here, I was happy to see that the magic was not just imagined! This place is something unexplainable. To say it’s beautiful is an understatement.

That said, we spent yesterday exploring around our lakehouse and I showed Lu and Whit all of our old haunts. We walked down to the long dock to see some of the boats. All that is left this time of year are a few john boats. I told Lucy some stories about her mama driving one of those all over the lake!



While we were there, we found what must be one of the last remaining phone booths in America! There is no cell service in Big Moose, so we have to call people the old-fashioned way. We took waaaay too many pictures of this thing, a relic!



We also went to the old community center where Lucy explored some kayaks taken up for the season. The lake freezes solid soon so all the docks and boats are being pulled out of the water. We even got to watch some workers taking one of the docks apart. Lucy was fascinated!






Our walk then took us down Craig Point Rd, a beautiful area near Punky Bay (ever heard of the book An American Tragedy? It’s where the murder took place! Yikes!). Now it’s just another piece of history. Lucy and I did a little hunting and found some beautiful step fungi on a dead tree! You can carve in this stuff – Whit wasn’t sold on how cool it is, but Lucy was!



After a long afternoon nap, we went back for another hike. This time we took the Cascade Lake trail. Walking through the woods, dead leaves crunching under our feet – it’s quite meditative. The only thing interrupting the calm was our sweet girl, chattering away in her carrier and practicing the ABCs. I love it!




She even got to “hike” the last bit of the trail. She was pumped.


We finished the day with a delicious dinner at the Big Moose Inn, just before they closed up for the season! What a lovely, memorable, picturesque, sweet day.






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