Big Moose Day 2: Family time in the great outdoors

Today was awesome! We started with a hike around Moss Lake. Actually, we tried hiking up Billy’s Bald Spot but it was literally straight up, covered with wet leaves on top of wet, slippery rocks. After about 100 feet of my trying to keep myself and Lucy (on my back in the hiking carrier) from plummeting to the bottom, we turned around and headed for a flatter trek. Here’s where some trekking poles would have really come in handy! Still, when you’re carrying the most precious of all cargo on your back, no mountain view is worth it. So, to Moss Lake we went! And it was gorgeous! Here are some shots:








After the hike we all came back for a good nap! Then we headed to the town of Inlet late in the afternoon. It’s funny, being up here in the fall when many of the shops are closed down for the season. A thriving artsy street becomes a ghost-town from October-May! Luckily, Inlet has an absolutely great park. Lucy had a ball, and she had it all to herself!



We did venture into one shop where Lucy fell in love with a stuffed kitty cat. After I made her put it back and we left the store, Lucy was so distraught she couldn’t think of anything else. She was so sad to say goodbye. Sooo, like any granddad would do, Opa went back and got it for her. 🙂 I’ll have to get a picture of it tomorrow, for she hasn’t put it down since. She declared the kitty’s name is Bella. Bella has participated in all the events of the evening since she came home with us. Thank you, Opa! Tonight we had a quiet dinner and built a fire. Here’s Lucy and daddy sharing some ice cream by the warmth of the fire, along with a candid shot of Lucy and her “twin,” aunt Sara! What a great way to end a lovely day!





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