Pumpkin Patch!

This weekend was awesome! We took Lu to the pumpkin patch. For weeks she has been wanting “a little baby pumpkin” so she finally got her chance! Lucy is in such a fun age right now. She still wants to hold my hand everywhere we go, but she is excited and curious and downright giddy about life in general. Here are a few shots from the day:

First stop was listening to a kick-ass banjo picker. Per usual, Lucy was getting down!


Then we had to check out the toddler-friendly corn maze. Lucy was into this for about 100 feet. Then she was over it. Two-year-olds are like that.


We went to Walden Farm in Smyrna. These people are geniuses when it comes to pleasing toddlers. A grain bin and sand toys? Sign that girl up! We seriously could have dropped her off and returned an hour later and she would have been in the same spot we left her, dumping grain from one container to another.



Then, the big moment came. It was time to pick her pumpkin! Lucy spent a loooooooooong time deciding which one she wanted. She would pick one up and start walking toward the wagon to place her chosen gourd, only to drop it 10 or so feet away saying, “not this one.” After many rounds of this, we had a winner! A sweet, generic, nothing-special pumpkin. She was pumped!



Next up, tractors!


And the photo booth area! Lucy had a ball trying on props for photos. These oversized glasses are my favorite.


How tall this fall?


We had our final activity at the balloon stand, where Lucy took no time to decide she wanted a “yellow” (current favorite color) “raffe” (giraffe; current fave animal).


We had a blast! Watching a 23-month-old enjoy the world is quite possibly one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. I love you, sweet, curious, bubbly Lucy. Happy fall, little one.



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