Tummy Trouble

Poor Lu got a nasty stomach bug this week. I’m hoping we are through the worst of it now, but she spent Thursday night throwing up everything in her little system, and was simply miserable! Whit and I also got no sleep, as we were scrambling to get clean towels, clean pjs, and comfort our girl while she was sick. Look at this pile of pitifulness!


We went to the doctor yesterday and Lucy was diagnosed with a stomach bug AND a raging ear infection (where did that come from?). Lucy hadn’t mentioned her ears at all! This made me oddly thankful for the tummy bug getting us to the doctor in the first place.

It’s 7 AM, and Lucy is still out (and so is Whit). I don’t remember the last time I saw 7 AM without a child awake. I hope she’s sleeping off that bug! Here she and I were yesterday, napping after our all-nighter. Being up all night makes for unflattering pictures like this, taken by Whit who thought it was just hilarious. 🙂


Update!! Lucy is almost back to her regular hot mess self, but still not 100%. We set her up on the couch today. Dang girl, you sure are adorable even when you’re sick! Hoping tomorrow will be even better (and that neither Whit nor I will come down with that nastiness)!



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