The birthday club

Lucy has been a party animal lately! We are going on 4 weekends in a row of 1- or 2-year-old birthday parties. I never realized how this would become a part of our parenting existence as Lucy gets older and makes friends. She is having a ball, though!

Here are a few shots from Ethan’s party yesterday, her buddy at school. First off, she loved seeing her friends outside of the classroom! Here she is with Ethan, Miles, and Presley at a water table at the party. I soooo wish I could find one of these at a garage sale. She loved it!


She moved on to the sand boxes with Presley after a bit and worked on building “castle” making it “flat.”


And on to the swings…



And finally, the big winner, the blowup baby pool/slide combo. They were cracking each other up in there. Such cute buddies.




When we got home, Lucy was wiped! She has a hard time anyway when I have to cook dinner and can’t give her my full attention (the end of the day has always been a struggle for her in this way), so I tried making her a “special spot” right at my feet. It worked! The pictures are a little sad because she looks so worn out, but it was a major accomplishment for me! Getting through cooking dinner without a huge meltdown or her clinging to my leg the whole time…winning.



Happy weekend! These are times to be treasured!


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