Rainforest Cafe

Want to traumatize your toddler? Take them to Rainforest Cafe! My mom and I thought it would be fun to take Lucy to the restaurant known for its safari theme, wild animals, and huge aquariums. No one told me the animals “come alive” every 10 minutes and there is a “thunderstorm” every 30
min! Here’s how my poor sensitive girl spent most of dinner:


And she handled it better than some. Throughout dinner we could hear littles wailing in fear. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a cool place…When you’re 7, maybe?! A disclaimer would have been helpful! Oh well. Lucy is “tough” (she told me that earlier in the day). 🙂 She did enjoy watching the fish with Oma (who currently has a broken foot!):


And the frog crown she got was pretty cool:


She just didn’t like this guy as our tablemate, regardless of how much I tried to assure her he was friendly.


Needless to say, although my girl was simply pitiful at dinner, it meant I got a good hour of nonstop cuddling! That’s not a bad gig for mama!



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