The Toddler Class


It’s week 3 of the toddler class and Lucy is having a ball! We were very concerned about having her move up over the summer, as there were lots of staff changes happening at Lucy’s school and we were worried about classroom management. Again, behavior analyst mommy here…I’m ALWAYS going to be worried about classroom management. What if Lucy picks up bad behaviors? What if she is the one teaching others bad behaviors? I can’t help but think about this. It’s my job! I digress. Despite my fears (and my putting us on the wait list at another daycare…just in case), Lucy is doing swimmingly. She can’t wait to go see all of her friends each day and she is learning a ton! Her language is exploding. This week, she started saying full sentences. What once was “water water water water” has become, “I need water please.” She’s labeling everything and everything is exciting. “Big buildings! Big truck!” “That’s mommy’s cup. That’s daddy’s shoes.” It is really amazing seeing her make these connections. For example, one of her favorite books is Little Pink Pup, where the runt of a litter of piglets is adopted by a dachshund mama. In the story, one of the pages says “Pink’s brother and sister piglets had grown sooo big!” Well, we were driving through the city the other day and I said, “oh those buildings are so big!” Lucy said “so big! Like Little Pink Pup!” I wanted to pull over and kiss her. You are one bright little Christmas light, Lucy girl! Keep it up!

I can’t believe how much she is blossoming. And most importantly, she’s happy. Today when I picked her up, one of the little boys was crying. Her teacher yelled, “Let’s cheer him up! Group hug!” And every little toddler went running over to hug their friend who had fallen down. They were all hugging him and giggling until he was laughing, too. I gotta say, it made me a little teary-eyed. A toddler group hug will do that to you.

At home, Lucy has started to actually tell me about her day. Me: what did you do at school today, Luc? L: “sign language. Puzzles. Trains. Color with Becca.” Ok then! That sounds like a great day, girlfriend! We also get a report home each day (this is standard daycare business I realize – but boy do I love seeing how her day went!). It looks like this:


They also do a ton of art in there. tye-dye, painting, coloring, etc. Lu loves it all. The other day they read Where the Wild Things Are and made little crowns. Lucy was SO proud of hers. Keep on keeping on in your new class, my little “queen of the wild things.” I’m so glad you like it! I love you!




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