Labor Day 2013

Lucy and I traveled north to be with my family this weekend in Ohio. We had a great time! Whit wanted to join us but he was down on the opposite end of the country, playing in Texas. We missed you, Whit! Here are some shots depicting our great weekend!

Yesterday we went to see Papa (my dad) play at Heritage Days Festival in Piqua, OH. Nothing gets Lucy grooving like some great bluegrass! Here she is, shaking her thing with Grammie.

Although she loved the show, she was NOT happy when I got up to sing with the band! While trying to enjoy singing with the Muleskinners, I could really only hear Lucy’s screams for “mommy!!!!” drowning out the background vocals. Haha! Grammie helped by getting her a soft pretzel. Suddenly, she didn’t miss me anymore!

After the show Lu and Papa split some corn on the cob.


We then met up with Aunt Sara (who drove in from Chicago via Ann Arbor!), Uncle Joel, Mama, Aunt Jane, and Uncle John. I should be inserting a pic here of all of us together, but I’m kicking myself because I forgot to take one! Doh!

This morning Aunt Sara, Grammie, Papa, Lucy, and I went to the New Boston Fair. This is by far one of the coolest festivals ever. Everyone there is fully committed to colonial dress, blacksmithing, music, crafts, basketweaving, furniture-making, and COOKING. The food is the bomb. Seriously. You basically just eat your way through. Lucy took down some ham on a biscuit, green beans, an entire bowl of raspberries in heavy cream, and a ginger cake. Go, girl!!

Here she is with Grammie and Papa, enjoying a little serenade. She was quite enthralled with all the music.

And after all that eating and dancing, Lucy had one of the best naps of her life. She didn’t even make it to the crib.

To top off the weekend, we are spending tonight with Oma (my mom) and Opa (my stepdad) at their lovely house. We just had dinner outside and made s’mores. Lucy is ALL about some s’mores. And a pool noodle.




Lucy also enjoyed some coloring time with Aunt Sara. She made a drawing for each person – Oma, Opa, Sara, and Sara’s friend Lesanne from Australia.


What a great weekend! Family, I love you (and Lucy does, too)!






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