Mama is Trippin

Well, mama is on a trip. Without my girl! I left this afternoon for 48 hours away from my little one. It was so weird, sitting at the airport. I felt a little lost. I have traveled a lot with Lucy in the last year, so much that it seems I’ve forgotten simple things like, what do I like to eat when I’m traveling? What do I do with myself during the hour I’m waiting for the plane? My brain is on auto pilot to find food Lucy likes, the nearest restroom with diaper changing station, the nearest kid-friendly store, and if there’s a toddler/kid play area (for the record, the Nashville airport has an awesome one!). Sitting alone, reading my book, I felt so strange. And a little sad.

But I’m here now! I’m visiting one of my best friends and her fiancé, and we laughed and enjoyed a long, relaxed dinner. I didn’t worry about the kids menu, or stuffing food in my mouth just in case I had to tend to a little one. I’m thankful for this time. I miss my girl, but taking little trips like this remind me that I am also still a person separate from my daughter.

In my anticipatory tears last night about leaving Lucy for 3 days (or, 2.5), supportive hubby Whit told me to go have fun! Go crazy and have TWO beers while I’m out at night! 🙂 Tomorrow is a day planned with yoga, a late brunch, shopping, and a delish dinner out. Thankfully, I have sweet besty friends who want to see me, an amazing husband who was excited about having daddy-daughter weekend, and a little girl whom I know will be shrieking with excitement when I get back to town on Sunday. I will sleep peacefully in thanks for all that. And for the great beer I had tonight!



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