Lucy’s first football game

We went to a Titans preseason game last night! Since kickoff started at Lucy’s bedtime, I wasn’t sure how things would go. But now that she’s a little older (and staying home with daddy this week), we decided some experiences are worth losing a little sleep. And I think we were right – she loved it! Here are a few pics…


Upon entering the game, they told us no bags (not even a diaper bag). Here we are waiting on daddy to run our packed bag back to the car.

Lucy was overwhelmed at first with all the people, noise, and the biggest tv screen (Jumbotron) she’s ever seen! I was happy I had her tucked in to the Ergo with her headphones and pacifier. She could experience it all from her pouch.

Family shot!


And then the music started. Lucy was getting down!


Eating her first Dippin Dots…



We did leave at halftime, but Lucy hung in there until 8:30! She was, by the end of the second quarter, trying to fall asleep in my lap and started asking for “bed.” Sweet baby! It’s good to have friends around, though. Lucy idolizes her big kid friends Janey (7), Naomi (4), and Charlotte (6). She got lots of snuggles and attention from them the whole night.




Overall, it was a blast! If you’re taking a baby or toddler to a game, bring ear protection! And an Ergo or carrier. The ear protection helped as much to protect her ears as it did to block out some of the sensory input. Lucy could still hear us, and still loved dancing to the music and clapping when (either) team scored. 🙂 Oh, and for all our Virginian fam, the Redskins won!


One thought on “Lucy’s first football game

  1. First Football Game!!!!! So much fun!!!! Those ice cream dots have become famous!! Sure looks like Lucy loved them!! Those, and her “Big Girl” Friends!!! And, WOW!!! A huge TV screen!!….Headphones… a great idea!!!

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