Bittersweet Bedtime

Since late last week, in addition to all those bath time shenanigans, something has changed in our little Lucy. She suddenly has decided she wants to go to bed on her own. Each night, we read a few stories, nurse, talk about the day, and sing a few songs (current faves are “light” – This Little Light of Mine – and “sun-sh-iiiiiiine” – You Are My Sunshine), and then she’s pretty much moving towards her crib. She says “night night mommy! I lo-lo (I love you)! I miss you!” and she sits in her crib reading her book. After a few minutes, she lays down and goes to sleep.


I know this could be one of those phases, and next week she’ll be screaming when I try to put her to bed on her own. But I also know she’s becoming more and more independent every day. I find myself savoring our snuggle time even more! My little independent bookworm, I “lo lo,”too!



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