Ears and tears

Woah. It’s been one of those days. A trying day. I know I have nothing to complain about, and that isn’t the point of this post. I’m more just lying in bed reflecting on the train wreck that my daughter became tonight. Poor thing has an ear infection (again), and daddy’s on the road. Both of those factors make for one incredibly unhappy toddler. Can I start calling her Sharknado, just for times like these? Look at this picture and you’ll see why…


This was her while I was making (attempting, really) dinner tonight. I know it’s blurry, but it speaks to the chaos of that moment. Poor Lucy just couldn’t handle that I wasn’t able to hold her while standing at the stove sautéing spinach. I did try wearing her in the Ergo but she was vehemently opposed to that as well. Nothing would satisfy her. When I finally threw together spinach quesadillas for the two of us, she had another huge meltdown because her bib wasn’t long enough to tuck under her high chair tray. She was sitting there crying “bib! biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib!” over and over… My sweet, suffering girl. I had to turn away a minute so she didn’t see me laughing at that one. Finally, after dinner (she ate a total of 5 bites – now I know she doesn’t feel well), I decided we both needed a break. We headed to the park while still waiting on her prescription to be filled. And like a beacon of light, there it was at the park…a gelato food truck. Sign these girls up! Lucy and I spent almost $10 on 2 small gelatos. Seeing her face light up and her little spoon go directly into her mouth (who doesn’t love cold ice cream when their throat hurts and they feel miserable?) made that gourmet frozen treat worth every penny!



After that, hyped up on sugar and delirious from fighting her infection, I pushed my girl on the swing for a LONG time. She laughed and “weeeeee”‘d the whole time. What started out as a terrible evening (mood-wise) changed in a matter of seconds with that icy goodness. That stuff is magical. Sweet Lucy has now had her first dose of antibiotics, along with some Ibuprofen, and will hopefully get a good night’s rest after her romp at the park and a nice long bath. Silly ear infection.



One thought on “Ears and tears

  1. I remember when I was little, my cousins both hot their tonsils taken out and I was soooooo jealous because they got to eat a ton of ice cream. I tried to convince my doc I needed mine out, too. Unfortunately, he wasn’t buying it.

    I foresee frozen goodies as the remedies to many of Lucy’s future woes…

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