Busy, busy, busy


Sweet Lucy and I have added a new piece to our nighttime routine. A couple months ago, after books and before singing and rocking my girl to sleep, I started telling her about her “busy day.” I say something like, “Today was a busy day! You woke up, read books with mama, played with daddy, went to school…” etc. I didn’t think she cared that much about it, until last week when she started adamantly asking for something one night that I couldn’t decipher. I thought she was saying “b c” (asking for the alphabet song?) until I finally figured out she was saying “busy.” I had forgotten to review her day that night. I was pleasantly surprised to know she really wanted to talk about her day! So we reviewed all the activities of her toddler world. She’s started asking for it every night now before I can get to it, and each time she stares at me throughout with wide eyes, saying “uh huh” after I name each activity. Lucy, sometimes I feel like you can’t possibly get any cooler, and then you do. It’s pretty amazing watching my girl reflect on her day and ask to talk to me about something. She’s really growing up, folks! She’s started asking for “busy” in the morning, too, so we review what the day has in store. I love you, my little busy bee!


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