Hand, foot, and mouth update

I’m hoping that we’ve turned a corner! After 4 days of high fever and general malaise, Lucy looked a little bit more like herself by the end of today. After two monster naps and lots of snuggle time in bed watching videos on the iPad, Lucy had a little more color and a little less heat! I knew she was on the mend today when she woke up asking for pancakes. Actually, around 3 AM last night, she was talking about “pancake” in her sleep! Finally my girl was getting hungry after 2 days of nothing but a few bites! She nursed on and off all night last night, making me very thankful to still be nursing my toddler. She was refusing ANYTHING else – water, ice, juice…everything. I was very thankful for every wet diaper today! By dinner time, she even ate a few bites of a piece of pizza. Being sick is no fun, but I’m very thankful for my healthy girl and her body knowing what it needs to fight off that nasty virus. I’m also so lucky to be home from work this week so I could give her all the snuggles she needs. Hoping tomorrow will be even better!



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