Hand, foot, and mouth


My sweet girl has hand, foot, and mouth disease! Gross, right? This is apparently one of those weird childhood illnesses that every kid winds up with eventually, like the chicken pox. As you can see in her mug shot, she is a puddle of pitifulness. It all started 3 days ago with a fever. My girl has never been this lethargic! Her fever is currently 103.9 and she’s been refusing to eat for 2 days. She is just exhausted. This virus is not dangerous, as long as little one doesn’t become dehydrated. The deal with it is that it causes tiny sores in the back of the mouth, along with a rash on the hands and feet, making swallowing very painful. We were in Ohio when all of this started, and we cut our trip short today to go see Lucy’s regular doctor back in Nashville.

This was after a trip to the ER on Sat night! There is something unforgettable about waking up your dad and stepmom with an unresponsive kid at 3 in the morning. And something else unforgettable about the clientele in the ER at 3 AM. It’s an interesting place to be! I’m, by the way, forever grateful for dad and Katherine for being there with me and Lucy! It would have been so much worse by myself!

I can’t say I hate everything about Lucy being sick, either. Obviously I hate it for her and want her back to her usual busy bee self, but all the extra snuggling isn’t so bad! Last night the only way she would sleep was by snuggling in bed with me. Today is day 3 of fever so hopefully tomorrow she’ll wake up feeling back to normal.

One cool thing the doctor told me was that it was great that Lucy and I are still nursing. He said that she has a somewhat milder case than other babies he’s seen, because she is getting antibodies in my milk from when I fought the disease as a kid. Aaaaand since she is refusing to eat and hardly drinking, we’d be at a much greater risk of dehydration if she didn’t have her mama milk (pretty much the only thing she’ll take right now). Popsicles, Pedialyte, juice, water, and ice have all been adamantly refused!

Overall, this girl is a trooper and I’m so lucky to be her mom. Babies just need their mamas when they’re sick. I’m happy to oblige, sweet girl. Snuggle and nurse away!


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