19 months, what?

Wow! Time is a-flying, folks. Sweet Lucy is a big 19-month-old now! She is talking up a storm, running around like a madwoman, and she loves loves loves music. Favorite songs of the moment are, in order, ABCs, “Slippery Fish,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” And this girl is particular. She will ask for a song, then a few measures in of my singing it, start frantically waving her little hand back and forth saying, “no! no! no!” And then the mommy-vs-behavior analyst fight in my head begins again. “Do I stop singing now? Yes! She hates this song! No! Don’t reinforce that! She doesn’t always get to have her way!” Sigh. This is just a brief example of how I question myself all. day. long. I know this questioning will not end until she’s way way way grown up, if ever. May as well accept it. Seriously though, I know I’m biased, but Lucy is awesome. Awesome! With a capital A. Other stuff she’s really into now include:

* putting anything in a basket or box (plastic eggs, puzzle pieces, mommy’s makeup etc.)

* being asked if she will “help ____” and given a toddler-sized job to do

* dancing to music of any kind

* eating snacks (current favorites are animal crackers, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, avocado, plain yogurt, crackers, and cheese)

* chasing Bear (the dog), snuggling him, and patting him while saying, “good boy” (cuteness overload, people!)

* “feeding” her stuffed animals, putting them to bed, and putting herself “to bed” (stretching out a blanket on the floor, laying down, and pretending like she’s snoring)

There are so many other things I could list. These little moments and things that make Lucy who she is, are these tiny fragments of her day and her character, and I want to hold onto them forever. So many precious things that I just can’t get enough of. I want to remember how, if I act sad, she says, “hug!” and comes and snuggles me. Or if she’s waiting for me to change in the locker room at the gym, she finds an empty locker, opens it up, and has a seat! Or how she hugs every single one of her friends in her class when I pick her up to go home from daycare. And how she wants me to sing “Ring Around the Rosy” when we take walks 5 million times. At the last measure of the song, she’s already asking for “Rosy” again. And one more – she loves to point out which things in the house are “mommy” and which things are “daddy” (pretty great that she sees a water bottle, and that’s “mommy” – guess who she calls a beer bottle?). Can I bottle some of that awesomeness up and save it? Love you, sweet Lucy girl. Hope you sleep well tonight.


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