Happy Easter!

We had the privilege of attending an Easter egg hunt at Lucy’s school today. She’s been home with me all week while the schools are out for spring break, so she hasn’t seen her teachers or classmates since last Friday. Seeing how her little 16-month-old legs ran into her classroom like she owned the place, then went around hugging her teachers and classmates, made my heart swell with joy. This is one of those little reminders for me that working full-time and sending my child to daycare isn’t the worst thing in the world. She clearly loves school, along with her teachers and classmates. And she learns so much there and is able to socialize with other kids way more than she would do if she were with me all the time. As much as I hate not being able to be home with her, I know she’s happy and thriving there. And at the end of the day, she still is pretty ridiculously excited to see me and Whit. Here are some shots from the day’s events:

This is one of many (failed) attempts to get a shot of Lucy with the younger babies in the infant class.


And here’s a shot of Lucy and Miss Victoria, one of her amazing teachers. Lucy is quite fond of her, and throughout the hunt today would drop her eggs to come and sit in Miss V’s lap.


Here’s Lu and her pal Presley (P), trying to figure out a toy car while the babies looked on.


Lucy, Zoe, and Avery doing some nice parallel play.


Lucy loves the little babies. Here she is with her friend Bennett. He’s 8 months of sweetness and Lucy was really into snuggling him today. She also even shared her eggs with him (clearly she had missed her friends)!


Here’s Lucy being toted around by her daddy.


And finally, another shot of Miss V with Lucy and her friend Jasper. He’s a sweetheart!



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