Lucy’s big weekend in Ohio

We got the privilege to spend the weekend with the family in Ohio this weekend, and boy did Lucy have a ball! It started out with an egg hunt with Great Aunt Jane, Mama, and Aunt Sara.This was her first, and she caught on super quick that the goal was to find eggs and put them in her basket. Easter egg hunting is like a toddler’s perfect game!

She also enjoyed getting her Easter baskets!

20130325-211925.jpgExcept when she got a chicken that lit up. She was not a fan!

20130325-212012.jpg A trip to Youngs Jersey Dairy later that day with aunt Sara, Grammie, and Grandpa made everything better, though!



20130325-212200.jpg Lucy is at an age now that, because she is so much more aware of her surroundings, she’s also grown more timid. She loved the baby cows at the petting farm, but the baby goats? “No ta ta!” (“no thank you” in Lucy speak). They came a little too close for comfort.

Other big developments in the life of Lucy include some pretty big language leaps! We are making huge progress on the potty, and we’ve been working on some new signs! She is now good with “more,” “please,” “no thank you,” “eat,” “milk,” and the big one that I’m getting a lot of mileage out of lately is “wait.” I’ve been working on this concept with her for a while, and will continue working for(ever) a long time, but I’ve been signing and saying “wait” when something she wants (like that steaming, too-hot-for-baby plate of scrambled eggs) isn’t ready yet. I say Lucy we’re waiting and sign “wait.” She has started signing “wait” back to me and (seems to) understand a bit better. It definitely has cut down on the impatient crying! Go, Lucy, go!

Then today, the big golden egg of the weekend happened! We got 6-8″ of snow in Ohio. After going to look at the “no” with Lucy, and failing miserably at letting her play in her little cotton pants and canvas shoes, I decided this girl needed a snow suit! Even if she doesn’t see snow like this again for years, she needed to experience it full bore. So we set off, found a snow suit (after searching at 6 places) and Lucy got her snow angel on! She was unsure at first, but warmed up after seeing her sweet cousins playing in it and her sweet dog running through it with total abandon. This was definitely a day to remember!




20130325-213903.jpg To top off an already awesome weekend, we had a great visit with Oma and Opa, and got to hunt for more eggs!



20130325-214010.jpg Once again, I’m headed back to Nashville this weekend with love and thankfulness in my heart for our incredible family. You guys are a good bunch! Lucy is so lucky!





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