16-month Silliness


Lucy has started to understand that she can do things to make people laugh. She stomps around the kitchen laughing, and wants you to laugh, too. She loves to put hats on daddy and cracks up, and today she figured out how to make this “fish face.” She just can’t hold it for long because she cracks herself up every time she does it. Haha! She’s a nut. It’s amazing to see the development of her brain taking place, and it’s so much fun!
She is also getting more imaginative. Today she wanted to push her Owl in her swing (her backyard friend – an owl that was in our garden to scare away pests). She also wants him to sit in her little house with her.



These little moments make me fall in love with her even more. And when you’re 16 months, everything is new, everything is exciting. Give this girl a gravel driveway to make a rock collection and she is one happy camper. Keep on trekking, little Lucy!






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