Archive | February 2013

Pop-poo! Pop-poo!

So Lucy has taken an interest in the potty. I’m cautiously happy about this, knowing it is early for a little one to want to be potty trained. But I’m following her lead! She is quite a little lady, saying “pop-poo!” for potty and climbing on herself (fully clothed). I usually have to coax her back off so I can undo her pants and diaper, but so far she’s doing great! We got the thing in the mail on Thursday and by Saturday, she had done both numbers in the potty several times each! Going with it, I put books and crayons in the bathroom, along with bubbles (“bubba!!”) to make the bathroom a fun place to be. And this morning while we were sitting there, she got her first pedicure. Purple toenails = pure and total excitement for the spud! I’m also giving her a tiny chocolate chip each time she goes successfully (she gets the chocolate if she actually goes, not just for sitting on it). So this morning, we went diaper free for 2.5 hours with no accidents! And she peed twice and pooped once! So, sorry about all this bathroom talk (oh the things I think about now that I’m a mom…)! Here is my baby, err, excuse me, little girl, chilling on her potty seat!