On the double

Lucy was diagnosed with her first ear infection yesterday. A double whammy in both ears! I must say, for having 2 infected ears, this girl is a trooper. Traipsing around daycare with (turns out) a fever of 102 degrees, you’d think she’d be a little crankier. And she still (thank God) slept 12 straight hours last night without a snag. We started the antibiotics and Tylenol regimen last night, so I’m hoping we can knock those germs out before Monday. Aaaaand I’m hoping we don’t develop a nasty diaper rash or thrush due to the antibiotics. You know why antibiotics work, right? They don’t discriminate – they kill errything – all bacteria, good and bad. Lucy eats yogurt with probiotics in it every morning, so I hope we can counteract the destruction of the good guys. In the meantime, here’s sick Lucy in all her glory. This outfit was not my choice…but why fight with a sick one-year-old?



One thought on “On the double

  1. Hey there,LU…..OMA loves this picture! Your choice of clothing is number one in the fashion arena! I see that you are lifting weights despite your malady which is clearly depicted on the expression on your face! You go Girl!! OMA is proud of you!

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