More signs of toddlerhood

Today marks the end of one whole week with no pumping at work! It is the end of an era – the end of a year of pumping every day to make sure Lucy had enough milk at daycare. On the grand scheme of things this is not that major of an accomplishment, but to me it was something I really had to stay committed to to make sure it happened on time, every time. It is a very bittersweet time – I know it means that my little girl is growing up and she doesn’t need me in the same way she did before. At the same time I feel quite liberated! It is pretty awesome not having to leave an extra 30 minutes early just so I can get another pumping session in! This actually means more time with my Lucy! At 13 months Lucy definitely does not seem to be done with nursing before naps and bedtime, but she does not need my milk during daycare anymore. She is learning to accept cow’s milk and eats plenty of food. I am sure this is the beginning of the weaning process. By age 2 I doubt she will be nursing anymore, and that is okay. But for now, I’m still a little sad about it. The good news is, I don’t have to carry my gigantic red cooler with me everywhere anymore! The security guard at my office building has taken to calling me the “Bud Light girl” and asks me if I have a six pack for him every time I pass him! I also no longer have to make up weird excuses for why I need to go to my car for 30 minutes. In that regard, I am happy to leave it behind! Goodbye for now, Medela pump. You have served me well, and it has been a good run! Now check out my downsized lunch box!



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