Where have the last 2 months gone?

Wow! Suddenly it is January 2013! I’m sorry for abandoning my blog duties these past 2 months! I can only attribute my lack of cyber communication on the fact that we now have a toddler instead of a tiny baby! Yes, folks. On Nov 8, 2012, four days before Lucy turned the big O-N-E, she took her first steps! And she hasn’t looked back since! It took about 2 weeks for the “drunken sailor walk” (Whit’s term) to become her little booty-swaying walk that it is today, but she is in serious mobility mode now! I’ll try to be brief in this post as to all the changes our little girl has gone through/participated in for the past two months. Here goes (in partial Lucy language, if she could talk in complete sentences):

1. “I am SO not a baby anymore, mom. I’m a 2’4″, 21-pound toddler!” Here is Lucy at Thanksgiving with the Weisenbach fam, riding her trike for the first time!Image

2. “I know what I want. And I’m going to tell you ALL about it.” Lucy’s biggest leaps these past 2 months have not just come in the form of mobility. She has really developed a lot more language, too! It is really one of the most amazing things to watch your child develop a way to communicate with the world. She is signing “more,” “all done,” and “milk,” and she is pointing, gesturing, and babbling constantly! She also knows a few words – her favorites are “baby,” “momma,” “daddy,” “Bear,” “wa-wa” (water), “bottle,” and “football” (yep – thanks, Whit!). We also have quickly realized lately that Lucy’s receptive language (how much she understands) is WAY more advanced than her expressive language. In other words, she really understands what we are saying! Once I was feeding Lucy carrots. She was taking them from me one at a time and eating them nicely. Whit (with good intentions) said, “I bet after a couple more those are going on the floor.” Not one carrot after he said that, she looked at him, looked at me, and tossed that carrot on the floor! And laughed! Little mischievous Lucy! We have to be very careful now about what we say around her, to be sure we don’t give her any more mischievous ideas!

3. “When you say no, I think…maybe?” Lucy is learning her limits, and we are constantly trying to be both nurturing but also firm in our expectations. These days, I find myself saying “make a different choice” easily 25 times an hour. This little girl is into everything! She has a special affinity for light sockets, sharp objects (preferably metal), anything with a corner, glass items, bathroom trash cans, and toilet paper. Why are the forbidden fruits always so desirable? The good news is, Lucy is listening. And SLOWLY starting to follow directions the first time we say them. I realize this struggle comes with having children and this is the start of a lifelong adventure in direction-following, but I am encouraged that, at least for now, when I say “make a different choice, Lucy,” she will turn around and put her attention on something else. This is by no means with 100% accuracy, but I am heartened that my little girl does know what I’m telling her to do! I’m pretty sure this will get harder every year, so I should just enjoy it now, right? She hasn’t hit her rebellious stage yet…




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