Roughin it with LuLu

Whit and I were sitting on our deck on Friday night enjoying the newly fall-like weather, when one of us said, “this weather makes me want to go camping!” So our spontaneous weekend was born. We loaded up all our gear, the dog, and the baby, and set off to Mammoth Cave National Park! Overall, Lucy was a happy camper (literally). I was pretty proud of my girl – she loved exploring our campsite and found everything (as usual) absolutely fascinating.


Rocks, sticks, and leaves were way cooler to her than any of the toys we brought from home. And she got really awesomely filthy playing in all that dirt.


The hardest part, honestly, was just the absolute constant supervision that was required. Take your eyes off Miss Sneaky for one second (literally) and she’s got an acorn in her mouth! This happened. Twice. And of course, babies and open flames aren’t a good mix. Whit showed Lu her first fire and she was ready to dive in! Augh!!!


Besides the obvious safety concerns, though, we had a ball. We spent some time in the tent before bed so it wouldn’t be such an unfamiliar place, but Lu still had a short-lived meltdown when it was time to go night night. Who wants to leave the party early?
Not this girl!


After that, though, Lu went down at 7 and I’m pretty sure slept better than I did. She was a trooper! Especially when we woke up and it was 37 degrees outside. Brrrr! My girl and I did a lot of sleeping bag snuggling and then we got all bundled up in all the clothes we brought!

In fact, it was so cold that we bailed on cooking breakfast on our tiny camp stove and headed to the coffee shop. This is an example of something I would not have done pre-baby. Sometimes just doing what’s more convenient these days is better for everyone. Following breakfast we took a beautiful hike and visited the historic entrance to Mammoth Cave. Overall, we had a great time and Lucy had a blast! She talked and sang to herself the entire way home, then crashed for a big ol’ nap in her crib. She’s sleeping peacefully now, sifting through all that new info that got added to her little brain. These are some sweet times.







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