Capture it remember it!

This is my futile attempt to hang onto those fleeting moments of sweetness! Lucy isn’t nursing as much anymore as she dives into the world of solid foods. This is bittersweet for me- while I can’t wait to put my pump into the storage closet, I also can’t quite imagine not having that sweet nursing time with my girl every day. But this week Lucy started something new. After her bath, book, and night night nurse, she has started climbing up my shoulder and putting her head in my neck to go to sleep. She makes little whimpering noises as she drifts off. I could sit in that rocking chair and be happy holding her like that for a loooooooooong time. Like forever.


And to make this post a bit less sappy, here’s my girl chowing down on her first burrito! Mind you, this was a totally organic, bean, cheese, kale, and garlic concoction. Lucy supports local farming and sustainable practices. 🙂




One thought on “Capture it remember it!

  1. That picture is priceless. It does not get any better than that, Jess. What a precious, precious girl. And she looks like she has curl in her hair? Maybe it is just the lighting? I miss her so much. I love seeing you as a mother with your baby girl. It’s truly magical. I love you, B

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